we're up all night to get booty
How long does it take you to draw one of your, average, pics?

it depends on the difficulty of the pose and how much work i wanna put into coloring it ahaha

around 2 hours tops?? 

(whispers) Ruby ships~

 ( ´□`) aaaaah i dunno i dunno!;;; 

Just saw your blog, and I like. First off, what is your opinion on bubbline? Should it be a good opinion, I saw this one comic that was bubbline, but it had Marceline as a futa, and I thought that would be right up your alley. But I'm just making a suggestion. XD

i like bubbline! i was all over it when “what was missing” came out omg

but idk now the inspiration to doodle them more often has kinda passed„ ahah„, i still enjoy them tho ♥

yoUR SQUIRTING WEISS POST IS HELLA CUTE! I would love to see more funny/cute things like that from really, anyone. Thank you, it's so adorable!!

ahahah thank you! 

heres blake poppin a boner ahAHAh what a loser


SOMEONE SOUNDS THIRSTY but l o l finally i did it 

chibi futa frickin is gr8

i deleted ALL the messages in my inbox cause l o l there were TOO MANY ahAH

so yep its now fresh and ready for asks again

Your futa is the best because its not ridiculously sized peens plus the people you draw dont have weird ass faces yours are passionate and loving

;//w//; im glad u think so omg ♥

No, it’s awesome.

this statement implies u have read it whERE IS IT SHOW ME * _ *

-whispers- there is a rwby futa doujin


go on